Is your computer misbehaving? Is it running slow? Do you think it has a virus? You don't know what's wrong with it?

There are many reasons why it would run slow or not at all. We offer free services that will determine the reason why it's bad and have reasonable prices for making it good.

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An old laptop might seem like a hassle when it starts running slow.

You don't know what to do with it, afraid you might loose your data on it and it's gone. But that is not true. We can fix it for you, back up your data and help you restore it to it's original health.

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Wether you have an old or new laptop or PC we can help you update your software (windows, Mac OS, drivers, office, internet browser and many more).

Or your device might just need some maintenance like uninstalling unwanted software, cleaning the dust inside and much more we are the experts you need.

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On-site repairs and servicing

As everyone schedule is busy and we live in a world where we don't really have time for much, our repairs team here at CdR WebDesign is mobile. Therefore we come to you. With our free local call out and pickup/drop off service there is no fee until the device is fixed.  We save you time and money and we work with any make or model of computer/laptop.

Laptop or PC diagnostic

As mentioned before you do not have to be an expert to already know what's wrong with your laptop or PC. We first run diagnostics that tell us what the issues are with it. Usually we can tell from the very first signs it shows, but we are thorough in our work therefore full diagnostics are done to be able to determine the full extent of the problem at hand. We then work on fixing the device tackling them one by one.

Data backup and restore services

First thing's first. Your data is important. It needs saving. Indifferent of what the issue is we first recover data and back it up. Anything you might want saved we can do it for you. We fully understand how important privacy is therefore we keep your data safe. Whilst working on your device we do not look at (apart from the purpose of the repair and only if needed), share or disclose it at any given point. Once your device is restored your data will not stay with us. 

Restore to factory settings

In every IT department the first question asked is have you turned off the device and back on again to see if it works. Usually it is the same with restoring to factory settings. This might just do the trick. You can do it yourself, but we have the expertise to make sure that is the solution you need, back up your data, restore your laptop to full health, including reinstalling drivers, antivirus, restoring your accounts and getting your device up to speed. We work with any operating system (windows/mac os/linux).

Virus and spyware removal

This is one of the most common issues encountered with all devices. This means that indifferent for what reason (usually installing bad software, but not exclusively) your computer or laptop has a virus. Therefore it needs cleaning. That's where our team of local experts comes in. We clean your device of viruses and restore your data to full health. We also offer free advice and training on how to maintain your device virus free and avoid scams and stay safe online.

Faulty parts replacement

We repair. Not only software, but hardware issues as well. This includes a big list of things we are qualified to do, of which most popular are:
- laptop screen replacement
- laptop/pc dust cleaning
- replacing thermal paste
- power supply replacement for PC's
- faulty HDD replacement
And many more. No matter what the issue is we can and will handle it for you at a good price.

Network and broadband setup/troubleshooting

Need help setting up your new broadband? Does your home use a lot of devices that would require either a WIFI connection or a cable connection to your router/hub? Does your internet not perform as expected or you do not get strong enough signal in your home/office? Does your gaming console/PC lag due to connectivity issues? You need to set-up multiple emails? Or use your printer through a network (for the whole house or office to use freely/or on a case by case situation)? We can help. We will improve your home or office network to get the most out of your internet connection.

Coverage area

We are located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, but our area extends up to 20 miles from Barnsley which means we are open and flexible to any job big or small in the Yorkshire area. Included are all towns and cities such as Leeds, Doncaster, Sheffield, Wakefield, Rotherham, Huddersfield, Pontefract, Castleford, Dewsbury and more. So give us a call today or get in touch via email, the contact form below or our live chat feature to get a free quote and book an engineer for all your IT needs.


As every device is unique and might have unique issues that are or are not listed above we have different different prices for all your needs. Starting price is £20 per device and we have our fixed price guarantee, no fix no fee and free consultation included in everything we do. We deliver quality services at reasonable prices. Get your free quote today and book an engineer. We strive to deliver on all our promises through expertise, good customer service and quality work.


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