What we do and how we do it

We fix IT related issues. We repair computers, we fix broken laptops (screens, keyboards and much more), networking issues, wifi problems, printer issues and much more. We are available 24/7 via remote control and our call out schedule is flexible. Most issue can be sorted out this way. In the cases where it isn't possible we also offer a pick up and drop off service for our customers. No matter what it takes we make it work for you. Have a read through our services and see how we can help you today.


Computer Repairs

Computers, also known as personal computers or desktop computers, come in different shapes and forms. From the clasic desktop version that contains the main unit, a separate monitor mouse and keyboard to all in one pc's that contain everything up to even a touch screen monitor thefore are self containing units. A good example is a gaming PC that usually is a custom build and  contains even multiple monitors versus an iMAC which is usually a "monitor" mouse and keyboard. Indifferent of that we are experts in both and all types of computers. We offer a wide range of services when it comes to computer repairs (software and hardware repairs, virus removals, conectivity issues, software and harware upgrades, data recovery and much more). Prices start at £20 per device and are taylored according to the customer needs. We also offer an hourly rate starting at £15 per device/service and an option for continued maintance at a monthly rate starting at £100 per month. Our availability is 24/7 via remote support and everyday from 9am to 10pm. According to our schedule we try and make time for everyone. Get in touch today by clicking here or call us on 07468576822 to get a quote today.


IT Support

IT support means for us resolving any and all issues related to your IT equipment. Whether it is a small or big office or a private home we sort all equipment issues. Computer repairs and maintenance (software and hardware), printer connectivity issues or malfunctions, networking issues (router/hub issues, new device installation, network hardware upgrades), wi-fi issues (connection to router, signal extensions, unknown devices connected), internet issues (individual computers not connecting to the internet or whole office or home not connecting to the internet, limiting data usage - in networks that still use limited connectivity, installing networks that could provide internet in areas where only 4G is available, or cable connections are not available, down for a while or to expensive/remote to install). And many more. Give us a call or contact us via email to find out how we can help.



Laptops have become a vital part of life for both business and individuals.

They are small and portable enough that we can carry them with us anywhere, but big enough that browsing the internet/social media or reading and editing documents or emails is as easy as on a full personal or office computer. Whatever use you have for it your laptop is important. When it runs slow or it breaks it doesn't mean it has to be replaced, it means we can fix it for you.

Our services include: screen repairs, keyboard replacement, fixing overheating issues (thermal paste replacement), overall maintenance and dust cleaning, software and hardware upgrades, and many more.

Call us today on 07468576822, contact us via email on [email protected] or the contact form by clicking here for an immediate quote.



Before we proceed with anything the main concern for many of our customers is privacy and protection of their data.

This is a sensitive subject and we accept and recognize privacy is one of the most important issues in today's society.

Therefore we want to guarantee that your data is safe with us and we will not use it or share it in any shape or form. If we need to document what we do for future tutorials (our goal being to educate through them) we will do so with prior consent and with verification from the customer and thorough attention to details. We also guarantee no data or details with regards to personal details and/or business details will be shared unless express approval from customers is given.

We have the same concerns and same mindset as you. What is important for you is important to us.

Creative responsive website design


Web Design and Development is very important in today's world. As technology advances and the internet is the tool that everyone uses for information and to decide what to do, having your information out there in the form of a website tailored to your business needs or a blog for your next project means everything.

We don't only create beautiful websites, but we take care of business emails and make sure you start on the right foot when it comes to the online world. Our websites are simple and easy to use by both our customers as well as their target audiences. We offer services starting at just £199 and our prices are tailored to your needs.

Give us a call, get in touch via email/our easy to use contact form or via our live chat option for a free quote today.

Home and Office Networks

A network can be a small home network which usually involves a router/hub (broadband/fiber router) and multiple devices connected to it such as mobile phones or tablets/laptops usually via wi-fi and pc's or gaming consoles that are usually connected via cable (lan cable - CAT5 cable). An office network is similar to a home one, although it is in many ways different to a home one. It usually involves multiple computers which should be connected via cable (although many are not), usually a printer and has wi-fi avalaible for staff and/or customers. Indifferent of the purpose of this network it needs to run as smooth as possible. We are the experts you need to optimize it and make it run as smooth as possible, prioritize the devices that need to be prioritized, block access to certain websites, not allow certain devices to connect and much more. Give us a quick call or contact us via email for a quote today.